What can I Salary Package?

Boost answer the common question “What can I salary package?”

Using a salary sacrifice program means paying for benefits such as novated leases with pre tax salary.

According to the ATO guidelines, the items that are available to be salary packaged ultimately depend on the type of organisation you are employed by. The table below provides an outline to what items can be packaged by which organisation group.


Most businesses, organisations and Australian Governments and Government departments.


A public or private hospital operated by a non-for-profit organisation.


Employers that are certain non-government, non-for-profit organisations eligible for rebate of the amount of FBT.

Public Benevolent Institution (PBI):

A non-for-profit organisation whose principle goal is the provision of services directly to disadvantaged people.







Living Expenses (e.g., gas and electricity)
Yes Yes Yes No
Personal Loan Payments
Yes Yes Yes No
Mortgage Payments
Yes Yes Yes No
School Fees
Yes Yes Yes No
Car Payments and Running Costs
Yes Yes Yes No
Novated Vehicle Lease
Yes Yes Yes Yes


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