boostMining FIFO

Are you a FIFO or DIDO mining employee?

Our products and services are provided into many leading national and international organisations operating within the Mining and related services sectors within Australia in particular FIFO & DIDO employees. We provide employees with significant benefits when salary packaging to ensure that they obtain the benefit of any available salary packaging deductions.

We provide Mining Industry Employers with a comprehensive, flexible and tailored salary packaging facility to ensure that they are offering industry leading salary packages to Employees. To attract and retain the best available employees and ensure that the organisation becomes an Employer of Choice. Particularly in the very competitive market of Mining Industries attracting the quality employees is paramount to ongoing retention and success within the business. We provide our services across Australia and have branch offices located to support the regional based employers/employees.

 What can you salary package as a FIFO or DIDO mining employee?

  • Travel Costs (dependant on where you live and travel to and from)
  • Housing Benefits including mortgage and rental payments. See boosthousing  for more details.
  • Novated Lease – salary package a vehicle for your use or for your partner or family to use. Indeed many of our client’s salary package more than one vehicle to maximise the benefit of the salary packaging available and reduce the cost of running a vehicle. The Novated lease includes finance, fuel, maintenance, tyres, registration, CTP and Comprehensive Insurance for the vehicle. Indeed salary packaging your vehicle maybe the optimum method that can help reduce your taxation liability and maximise your take home salary (obviously this will vary and you should obtain the correct advice on your situation).
  • Power, Gas and Electricity costs can be salary packaged (subject to terms and conditions and eligibility criteria)
  • All in all you have many savings available as an employee within the Mining Industry and significant benefits to pass onto your employees as an employer.

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What are the most effective strategies to maximise your salary and benefit from salary sacrifice?

Use an organisation that provides the same services to you that you can obtain from working at one of the Top Tier Mining organisations. Utilising the services of a professional organisation to maximise the benefits available to you and allowing us to discuss your specific needs and requirements now and into the future to provide the most cost effective method of salary packaging for you.

For an employer ensuring that your employees are provided with the correct information to make the decision and evaluate the potential savings available to them. Makes you an Employer of choice and ensures you attract the optimum employees.

It’s Tax Effective & Easy

  • Salary packaging vehicles are concessional FBT treated so you benefit based on the usage that you have for the vehicle.