FAQ’s About FBT & More

Boost Salary have the answers to your FBT, FIFO and Salary Packaging questions

Novated Lease FBT

FBT stands for Fringe Benefits Tax. If an employer provides you with any sort of remuneration or benefit other than cash salary, they may be providing you with a Fringe Benefit.

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Purchasing your Car

Ultimately the decision on where to purchase your vehicle is yours. However, when purchasing your car we do recommend that you do your research first.

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Novated Lease Eligibility

All full-time employees of Australian companies and registered organisations are eligible to lease a vehicle under a novated lease arrangement.

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Terminating a Novated Lease

If you do need to terminate your novated lease early then boostDrive will assist you in evaluating the most beneficial option for you and calculate any financial payout requirements.

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