Options for Equipment Finance

At Boost our primary goal is to provide cost effective and affordable equipment finance to suit your organisation or individual needs throughout Australia.

Each of our customers requirements will vary in respect to amount of money needed, equipment usage and financing circumstances. We utilise our network of primary financial institutions to ensure that the optimal rate, financial product and flexibility is provided to you now and into the future. We work with you to determine options and ensure the finance product is correct for your needs and situation.  We’ll provide you with a range of financial products and facilities from our network of lenders  and ensure it is a simple, easy and most of all, a tailored experience to suit what you need and want, not what your sold by the dealer.

Whatever your equipment, truck, plant or machinery needs are we can assist you with our specialist finance options!

The boostCommercial products and services and the range of finance options that we provide our customers ensure that we can fulfill your financing needs. We spend time understanding your needs and importantly what type of financing you require and your business issues, not what we want to sell you! We are independent of any financial institution and can therefore provide access to a broad range of financiers to ensure that you achieve the optimum result.

Boost finance a comprehensive range of plant, machinery, equipment and various business related assets. We can provide leasing, hire purchase, chattel mortgage options all designed to suit your business and allow you to utilise cash on core business activities. Call us today and find out just how boostCommercial can help you and your business.

Type of Equipment we can finance

  • Earthmoving Equipment
  • Tractor and Farm Machinery
  • Truck & Trailer
  • Commercial van
  • Utility
  • Forklift

Finance Products

  • Asset Leasing: this product enables you to have the use of the equipment and the benefits of ownership, while the financier retains actual
    a charge of ownership over the equipment. Upon expiry of the lease you can either pay the residual on the lease and have ownership of the equipment, or sell the equipment or re-finance the equipment for an additonal lease period. Very flevxible and convenient.
  • Commercial Hire Purchase :A great option when ownership of the equipment is required form the beginning of the finance agreement. Payments can be structured to suit your cash flow needs and requirements within the business. A deposit can be paid or the resdual payment adjusted to suit your finance requirements.
  • Chattel Mortgage: provides you with full ownership at the commencement of the chattel mortgage agreement. Payments can be structured by providing for a deposit or residual payment adjusted to suit your requirements.

Our customers tell us that boostCommercial provides one of the most flexible financing services available today, try it for yourself call us today!

If you want any further information please contact us and let us see just what we can do for you.