boostDrive – Fuel Discount Programs

Do you want to access the “boostDrive” fuel discount programs? If so read on below.

Do you want to have access to discounts on your fuel purchases? “boostDrive” delivers just that and more!
This product offers employees significant discounts off fuel purchases and has the added benefit of total flexibility. As a boostDrive customer your fuel card is accepted throughout our preferred fuel supplier network. The large extent of the supplier network means you can forget the frustration and inconvenience of locating a particular brand of fuel; you choose where you want to re-fuel and still obtain a discount.

As a “boostDrive” customer you can enjoy discounted, pre-tax, fuel at any of the following retailers:

The agreement we have with our key card supplier “Motorpass” provides the freedom to purchase fuel from over 6000 fuel stations nationally. The product is accepted at Caltex, Ampol, BP, Mobil and Shell sites, as well as an extensive range of independent sites around Australia including 7-Eleven, United, Liberty and Matilda.

Just how good is this service! You get the most extensive fuel provider network with the Motorpass card available and boost salary corporate fuel discount programs.

Choose the cheapest fuel provider near you or one you refer.

  • Use you discount voucher (if accepted) or supermarket discount docket
  • By salary packaging your fuel could be GST exempt (10% saving)
  • Utilise pre-tax money to pay for fuel – massive cost savings

If you want any further information on this service and the benefits it can offer you please contact one of our Salary Packaging Consultants

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