Female Friendly Accreditation

Boost Salary Packaging are an accredited Female Friendly supplier. We understand the frustration that purchasing a purchasing a vehicle can cause.

As a female purchasing a vehicle do you ever find yourself feeling confused and overwhelmed with all of the different promotions, discounts and constant use of technical jargon used by sales personnel?

Buying a new vehicle is meant to be an exciting and fun experience but more than often the whole process of sourcing the vehicle, negotiating the price, extras and finance can prove to be quite confusing and stressful.

At Boost Salary Packaging we pride ourselves on providing a personalised service for all of our female customers. We will provide you with information on the complete range of makes and models, safety rating, comfort, accessories and style, all the essential information to help find the best suited vehicle for you.

As a part of our boostDrive program, we take advantage our premium supplier database to source a vehicle and negotiate the best price for you. We can handle all of the contact with the car dealership to ensure that all of the correct discounts are included and that you are not paying for any items not required.

We believe that purchasing a vehicle should be exciting and therefore with the highest standards we make it our aim to provide our female clients with a non-stressful and overall enjoyable experience.

Let Boost Salary Packaging take the stress out of purchasing your next vehicle. Contact us today for more information.