Car Buying Service

Take advantage of the boost salary preferred dealer network with our car buying service

  • Car buying service allows access to preferred dealership network
  • Guaranteed Discounts and Manufacturer Bonuses (when applicable)
  • Special offers available
  • New & used vehicles

We can buy the car for you and finance it even if your are NOT salary packaging the car. Our vehicle buying service ensures buying a vehicles is free of sales pitches or heavy handed techniques from car dealers. There is no need for you to spend time visiting car dealers and going from yard to yard, just let us know what you want and we do the rest. We make sure you get the vehicle you wanted and colour of your choice at a discounted sales price, correctly priced and no expensive add on products you don’t need or want.

New Vehicles

As a premium supplier of novated leases and vehicle packaging services, boost salary has forged relationships with franchised motor dealers representing all makes of vehicles in Australia, this is how you save money by accessing this network.

When you require a vehicle we will seek quotes from a number of dealerships to ensure the most competitive vehicle and option pricing is made available to our clients. From time to time our preferred dealers will make special offers available.

Used Vehicles

A late model second hand vehicle is often a great way to move up into a more prestigious vehicle. By allowing someone else to experience the initial depreciation you can often lease a near-new vehicle for $0000s  of dollars less than the original price.

Boost salary has a dedicated and professional prestige vehicle wholesale network from which we can source almost any type of prestige car.

  • Let us know your approximate budget and we will provide you with some very thought-provoking options for your next vehicle.
    boostDrive -taking the hassle out of buying a motor vehicle!
  • Trade-ins are welcome

Contact us today and let us know what you want.

You will be surprised on how much you can save with your next vehicle.