Car Finance

We have a range of car finance options available at Boost Salary Packaging

We are a premium boutique provider of salary packaging and various financial and leasing options for our customers. This enables us to access a broad range of financiers across Australia to ensure that we can offer the most competitive finance products and interest rates available.

Sometimes finance companies or dealership’s advertise a “special interest rate” it maybe 3%, 1.5% or even 0% finance on your new car. Well that is cheap if it were really that simple. If you think about it for a moment that rate is cheaper than your mortgage rate, cheaper then the Reserve Bank of Australia and cheaper than all the other finance companies. So if they wanted to loan money at 0% finance there would be plenty of customers including the Major banks, Corporations and even the Federal Government of Australia.

They cannot lend money at that rate and when you read the small fine print you see why. The vehicle purchase price has been loaded with the interest and/or not discounted correctly. So you end up paying more for your car than you should of and pay for it over a long period as well. Interest rates are based on risk and vehicles depreciate rapidly, succumb to accidents and theft. That’s why real vehicle & car finance rates will always be more than these “Comparison Rates”!

If you’re financing a vehicle the interest rate is not always the thing to focus on.

Contact us today and let us know what you want.

You will be surprised on how much you can save with your next vehicle.

Personal Loan

At Boost Salary we take pride in providing our clients with the best finance options to best suit their needs, including offering personal loans.

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Use our novated lease calculator to get an estimate on your savings today!

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