Novated Lease, Salary Sacrifice, Car Allowance

Boost Salary Packaging, a boutique salary packaging organisation within Australia providing Novated Lease, Salary Sacrifice, Car Allowance and more…

Boost Salary Packaging is a boutique provider of salary packaging services in Australia. We specialize in salary packaging motor vehicles via novated leases, and car allowance programs. Our core business enables us to focus our service on our customers and provide real tangible benefits for employees.

Our products and services are all about choice, simplicity and most importantly providing you the service that you want from a salary packaging organisation, easy to understand and easy to administer for your employer.

At Boost, customer service is paramount. We deliver on our promises and provide real tangible employee benefits. Boost Salary Packaging provides employees with flexibility to build the salary package option that suits them now and flexibility to change into the future.

Using a novated lease enables you to make payments for the vehicle finance and operating expenditure using pre-tax income. We specialise in providing novated lease options for employees and ensure employers maximise the benefits of offering novated leases.  Novated leases are an agreement between the financier, your employer and you, dependant on your marginal tax rate, kilometres travelled and through utilising our salary packaging arrangements you can save money with a novated lease. Personal loan, car loans, Novated lease or redrawing from a home loan, are just some of the options available when buying a new car. It is a common assumption that the cheapest way to pay for a car is by redrawing the finance amount from a home loan. However, although it may seem that way in the short term, we can show you that this is not the case and that it is important to compare all of your options.

Salary packaging with Boost Salary is easy to benefit from – for a simple discussion of your options and potential savings please contact us to speak with one of our Packaging Consultants.

We provide our services throughout Australia to employees of small, medium or large organisations.